How to Help a Rescue Dog (Even if You Can’t Donate)

 The sad fact of reality is that some of us, no matter how hard we try, can’t afford to donate to charity. The pictures of the abused, abandoned and unloved doggies make our heart-ache, but when you physically can’t give anything, what can you do?

Well, you don’t have to feel guilty anymore! Of course, charities need funds to survive and every little helps, but if you can’t spare any change for donation, here are some of the other ways you can make these sweet pooch’s lives better, without costing you a cent.

Not everyone can have a dog, but anyone can help a dog in need.


  1. Volunteer

There’s always the option to go into the rescue centres, shelters and foster homes to give a cuddle, help with upkeep and maintenance or simply aid with the adoption process. Shelters and rescues always need the help and support of able and willing volunteers, many even accept children 13 years and over so you can make it a family activity. If you don’t have the time or a shelter in your area, thanks to modern technology you can now virtually volunteer instead. Do you have skills with social media, marketing, email answering or writing newsletters? You can offer these services to rescue shelters to help with raising awareness and therefore getting more donors!

  1. Fundraise

There are plenty of fundraising options that don’t require startup costs, such as sporting goals and events or a bake sale at your school! Perhaps you can sell some of your old junk and make some extra money. This way, you’re achieving your fitness or organization goals and the dogs are getting the help and funding they need, without costing you a thing.

  1. Speak Out

Become an advocate for your favorite doggie cause. Whether you are championing for causes such as getting dogs spayed, adoption, against abuse and abandonment or animal welfare, pick a cause that is plaguing the poor pooches and speak about it far and wide. Spreading awareness and educating others is a great way to make the world a better place and act preventatively to improve the lives of other dogs!

  1. Foster

You may not be able to offer a permanent home to a dog in need but you could be their safe stopgap before they find their forever home. Some fosterers can provide care over the weekends or in emergency situations when rescues are officially shut, or they can be a long-term option for a few months before they find a permanent option.

  1. Social Share

One of the simplest ways nowadays that you can help a charity or rescue is to share their blog posts, updates or social statuses far and wide. Subscribe to their newsletter, website and notifications on social media and make sure you engage. The more engagement they get, the more people (and potential donors) they reach and the less they need to spend on marketing and fundraising. You can see our facebook page here.

See, charity never looked so cheap! Help out with sad stories and extreme cases without emptying your pockets using some of these ideas and everybody wins!

This wonderful guest-post was created by Charlotte @ SilhoutteCreatives.


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