Adopt and Sponsor

Street dogs and cats make amazing pets – we know, as we all have one at home!

If you are looking to adopt a rescue dog or cat then we can match you with your new family member according to your needs, send you updates as the adoption process progresses, and organise transport from the shelter to you on the big day!

If you can’t adopt right now, you can still sponsor an animal to ensure that the shelter can continue to offer great care and continue to look for suitable forever homes.

If you are looking for a specific breed, size, colour and/or temperament then please contact us today and we will match you with a beautiful rescue dog/cat waiting to be re-homed!

There are thousands of independent rescue organisations and charities worldwide that run exclusively on donations from the general public. In the vast majority of cases, Rescue centres are run at a financial loss, and so every little donation helps!

We aim to regularly feature Sponsorship opportunities for animal lovers to help out shelters who are really in need of extra funding. If you would like to reach out on behalf of your own shelter or organisation please reach out to us via e-mail.