Rehabilitation, Re-homing and Education

Action For Dogs is a volunteer-led information resource for pet lovers who travel!

We work directly with Dog Rescues to connect potential volunteers, donors and adopters to shelters most in need. We also promote compassion towards the street dogs and cats found by travellers who want to do more to help and aim to give accurate and informative information for those who find themselves in this situation.

Our overall goal is to help as many dogs (and cats!) go from Street to Sofa!

Featured Pages

How to adopt a street cat or dog found while abroad – Help animals that you find along the way, and prepare to take them back home with you.

How can I help a stray animal i’ve found? – How to determine if an animal is actually abandoned, emergency first aid and more.

Register to be a Flight Buddy and be the final link in getting rescue dogs to their new forever homes!