Volunteer at Dog Sanctuaries in Thailand

Are you looking to volunteer with dogs in Thailand? With so many tourists coming through Thailand every year, and so many rescue centers needing help, it is becoming more common for shelters, sanctuaries and rescue centers to welcome both short and long-term volunteers through the doors and into their hearts. Volunteer commitments can be for as little as an afternoon, or for as long as you can stay! It is hard work, but extremely rewarding and recommended.

Where is it possible to volunteer with dogs in Thailand?

We have only listed facilities who have asked to be featured because there is a high demand for volunteers to help in the day to day running of things. If you would like your organization to be featured then please let us know and we can usually get you added to the map within 24 hours.

If you are unable to see the map below, then you can click here to be taken to the direct URL.


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